Self-Storage Solutions

KareLink utilizes more than 30 years of experience engineering low voltage electrical products in healthcare to develop industry leading solutions as a PTI licensed and certified low voltage electrical contractor. No self-storage solution is too big or small for our team to accomplish.


Facility access

Monitoring and alarming of designated entry points within a facility is provided by the KareAccess module. KareAccess continually monitors any entrance or exit and automatically reports visually and audibly. Entry date and time is captured and reports can be prepared. When paired with a proximity card reader or keypad system, KareAccess is the perfect solution for self-storage points of interest.


PTI Licensed & Certified

KareLink is a proud dealer and installer of PTI Security Systems products.


Security monitoring

KareSecure utilizes the benefits of KareAccess, KareMonitor and closed circuit television (CCTV) to provide an efficient, cost effective alternative to security systems that is integrated into the KareLink call system. KareSecure can be used as a stand-alone system or be added to existing systems to increase a facility’s security profile. KareSecure offers a complete security system offering visual awareness and lock control coupled with audible alerts for any undesired intrusion



KareLink has been providing closed circuit television systems to healthcare providers across the United States for 30 years. This knowledge of CCTV implementation and Karelink's superior products combined with PTI Security System's access control create an industry leading solution for self-storage.



Smoke detection and alarming throughout a care facility is a requirement. KareDetect provides that protection and is designed to overcome the problem of additional installation costs and eliminate the possibility of non-working detectors.  Alarms are centrally displayed at the KareLink monitoring unit and also transmitted over 2-way radio to insure instant awareness and rapid response. Wired systems are backed up by the KareLink system battery, while wireless systems have a 3+year battery life. All detectors are UL certified and meet stringent no-fail performance guidelines