Resident Care

The safety and care of your residents has become our passion. KareLink is constantly striving to bring you the most effective emergency call system solutions.



Resident movement & fall prevention

KareMotion enables staff to monitor resident movement within their rooms.  This is especially useful during the evening when motion may indicate resident problems or potential for falls.  This is also a perfect monitoring approach for memory care situations. Each incident is logged with time and location and reports can be generated. KareLights are the result of studies and practical engineering design to prevent residents’ falls.  It is known that elderly residents may exhibit forms of macular degeneration that prohibits visual acuity and degenerated vestibules within the ear that impact equilibrium. These cause unsteady gate, reduced balance and increased risk of falls. This risk is particularly high at night when slowed pupil dilation and temporary light blindness can cause disorientation.
KareLights resolves this problem by:

  • Providing a visual frame of reference for residents to stand vertically when leaving bed
  • Providing a warm LED light array mounted on bathroom entries to provide guidance 
  • Using red LED’s above the commode to promote spatial awareness and eliminate temporary blindness from white lights
  • Providing user-friendly and fail-safe on/off automation via the use of KareMotion